Test Kits

Test Kit Donations

Each year, the World Water Monitoring Challenge (WWMC) coordinators receive donation requests for thousands of water test kits from groups that would like to participate in WWMC. While the program’s coordinators make an effort to accommodate requests, the number of requests that can be honored is limited by demand and available resources. 


Apply for KitsIf your group is a governmental, non-profit, or student/youth organization, we welcome you to apply for a donation of test kits if your group operates within a country that is designated as low- or middle-income by the World Bank. Click here to view the list of countries that qualify.

If you (or your organization) received a test kit donation in previous years and did not report data collected that year, you are not eligible for further donations.

When applying for a donation, you must agree to:

  • Cover the cost of any duties, taxes, or fees that your government requires for release of donated materials.
  • Submit all data collected to the World Water Monitoring Challenge database.


Application Process

The World Water Monitoring Challenge program will accept online applications throughout the year; however, donations will be granted quarterly as follows:



Closing Date  


Applicants Notified of Status


Quarter 1


November 30


December 20

Quarter 2


February 28


March 21

Quarter 3


May 31


June 20

Quarter 4


August 31


September 19


If your group is selected to receive a donation, your kit(s) will ship within two weeks of the notification date. If your group is not selected, you are encouraged to reapply in the next quarter.